The El Porto


Overdrive with unique clean blend feature!

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OD / Distortion Pedal with Unique Clean Blend


Level: Basic Volume control-will it go to 11? Yeah, can you?

Lows and Highs: Unique tone circuit that is additive, meaning at 0 (fully counterclockwise) the tone controls are doing nothing-As you turn the knob clockwise you are adding Highs or Lows. The Lows are very narrow and effect just very low frequencies, turn this control up when you want that heavy rhythm “chunk” The Highs have a slightly wider control spectrum but stay out of adding any of the unwanted highs found in most OD pedals.

Gain: Gain control, from mild overdrive to 80s metal.

Blend: Here is where it gets interesting, the blend knob mixes a clean tone in with the overdriven tone. This allows for unique tones, that can mimic “bi-amping” This control can be used with an expression pedal. NOTE, the only expression pedal that will work is the one we manufacture. Sorry but the blend function is unique and no one else makes an expression pedal that will work with this control.

The mystery toggle: Well I will let you in on the secret: in the up position the pedal is in asymmetrical mode down is symmetrical mode.

Power: Standard 9v pin negative


If it breaks I will fix it, if you wear it out I will fix it, if you damage it I will fix it but it will cost you…fair enough?

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 4 in