The Outer Banks


Organic Delay with modulation.

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Organic Delay with Modulation.

This delay is the result of me not being happy with any other delay pedal on the market-sure you can
get some great delays with a thousand knobs that are amazing-but simplicity is what I was after
here. This delay is capable of classic slapback sounds to repeat type playing-think U2 here.
Chorus is also available with the rate and depth knobs engaged Warm and rich sounding without
being too dark, you will swear this is all analog…


Delay: Delay time, range is near 0 to approximately 600 ms

Feedback: Controls the number of repeats of the delay

Mix: Dry to Wet signal mix, range is 0 to 100% delay

Rate: Rate of modulation effect, fully counter clockwise, the modulation is disengaged, the led
indicates rate speed.

Depth: Controls the depth of the modulation wave

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Dimensions 6 × 4 × 4 in