About us

This company was founded on one principal.  To provide original products that offer the best materials, exquisite craftsmanship, all in the pursuit of tone.

All of our pedals are original designs, absolutely no clones-ever.

The cables are hand made one-by-one using the best materials with meticulous craftmanship.

I founded this company after many, many years of pursing good tone. Increasingly I became frustrated by the lack of originality in pedal designs to the point to where I decided to offer something “new” not just another take on a classic design-I mean how many tube screamers does the world need? How can you find and create an individual voice on your instrument using cloned pedals?

The cables came about by combining two industries, the music industry and the audiophile industry. I felt that the instrument cables offered today fell far short of the lofty (although overlooked) job they perform. Most are mass produced, using shitty materials, and have no place in a performing musicians rig.

I hope our products will inspire you, and become part of your creative and individual voice.